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President Krystal Kitaka

Dear readers,

Five (5) years ago, I never imagined I’d get to stand where I am today. I’m lucky to be among the few privileged students to stand here to take an oath of leadership for the Taibah International Senate presidency. In my five years in Taibah, I have seen a number of presidents swear in before me and from what I can tell, each one of them was different from the first to the last, including myself.

I stand here today different from all the past presidents but similar to them because just like them, I carry a vision and most importantly a dream to make a change, and a difference. I’m willing to be that for both the Senate and the student body, and its ideas that I wish to become a reality.

Although I am uncertain of what the future holds, I believe that our past shapes us into who we are today. I’ve asked myself often, what is so special about me or anyone that has stood here before and the truth is that there is absolutely nothing. Just like everyone here, I’m merely another student with aspirations, ideas, conflicts and weaknesses but most importantly a voice.

I would like to think that we all want the same thing at the end of the day, success. I am ready to use this voice to achieve what we can never achieve if we remain in fear of what we can and cannot do. A bible verse that often motivates me in this journey is Acts 16:31, “Believe” depending on how you look at it, can mean so many things. I call on you to join me in believing!

As they say, leaders are chosen by God and as one of you, I stand here as a volunteer to serve for a greater purpose. I simply wish to be a leader who listens and serves wholeheartedly, someone who understands and offers a helping hand. I would also like most of all to be able to work with all of you to actually build “an education with a difference”, one where we’re able to learn from all our experiences as well as our mistakes but also to be able to live content as a community and individually.

Amidst the weight of this duty, I also sincerely look forward to working with you all and I hope that I will guide you on the path to building an even better Taibah. As I conclude, I thank you for all the support on this journey and I do promise to work as hard as I can to be a bridge between the present and a bright future, the bridge between what is done and what is to be done.

To the outgoing senate and the outgoing president, Helena, I’d like to commend you and thank you for your persistence and hard work. Throughout your example, the incoming senate will hope to replicate the values you’ve left behind.

To our headteacher, the principal and the senate patron, I’d like to express my gratitude for the multitude of great learning opportunities and experiences you continue to provide us, not only the senators but all the students at large.

Lastly, to our dear parents, we are extremely grateful for your constant support and encouragement throughout everything, we hope to make you all proud in the end.

Thank you.

President Krystal Kitaka

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