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Valedictory is a function held at the end of every academic year at Taibah International School. During valedictory, different classes showcase the skills that we have been taught by the teachers throughout the year. This is through skits, poems and dances. We also wish the Primary Seven and Year Six candidates good luck as they move on to High School. This year’s valedictory was special. This was because it was the first one after two years of lockdown due to COVID-19 PANDEMIC. This year’s valedictory theme was THEN and NOW showcasing the transition from traditional to modern ways of life. Many classes went on stage and showed us that they are really Taibah products but my favourite presentation was modern religions by P.4 Velvet. In their presentation, they demonstrated how people worship and praise God through dancing to gospel songs. The presentation was very interesting. I am not a pupil of P.4Velvet, but I think they deserve second place.

Paula Agaba, P.6

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