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On valedictory, our class presented about the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas. We danced and acted in a play. In the beginning, I spoke because I was the Master of Ceremonies. This is the play; two girls were carrying a cloth, one girl was acting as Mother Mary, then five girls were acting as angels flying around Mother Mary. After, some of my friends and I came in with our hands straight and with very big similes.

When the music started we bent down came back up and knelt down and covered our faces. Then the next song started and we carried the chair with Mother Mary on it, then we took a step back as some boys pass in between us. Then we all went on the side of Mother Mary. Then Mother Mary stands on the chair and we jump up twice. After we arrange ourselves then kick to the side four times but kicked the ground. Then we arrange again in the 2nd last row, we jump in front and jump to the side then we shake and cross our feet, go behind and turn with our hands straight but without lowering our bodies. We then kick the ground, shake our bodies then push the air and bend down. We then shake our hands in a circle, jump in front, jump behind and shake to the side, move our hand, hope then bend and back up and clap. Finally, we kick up and down, and at the end, Santa came in and said, ‘ho ho hoo! Merry Christmas.’

Jazeel Miiro, P.3 PCN

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