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What a hectic year 2022 has been! After a very long closure, we fully reopened in January. In some ways we were a little readier than many schools – the international section had been allowed to operate at the end of 2021 and we had candidates of P7, S4 and S6 preparing for examinations. We had also been running an online school successfully!

In spite of all that, the start was difficult because a lot of children were returning to school after two years, we had many new staff, and parents were banned from school visits. We opened up in Third Term but the new Ebola Virus concerns took us back to the safety measures of the Covid pandemic era!

However, a lot has been achieved. We have conducted all sorts of examinations for our learners. The Cambridge sector’s flexibility allowed us to cater for the needs of many learners – several children sat for the PLE in Year 6 coming back from all the way in Year 9! At A Level, we introduced a new class in the months of May / June series and they’ll sit their final examinations in June 2023, ready for joining university in August.

We have had double classes sitting for the national examinations at PLE and Senior 4! Unfortunately, the current Senior 6 class has had to patiently wait it out; and they did wait brilliantly! I have been very proud of their attitude and work ethos in these difficult times; indeed, they’re ready for the world.

The pandemic season has given us an opportunity to express all our 5Cs! We took a confident approach and were creative in our problem-solving! I’m very pleased that we have demonstrated a high level of kindness and concern for community in the way we’ve helped our learners, their parents and members of staff.

On reflection, we were ready for online school having introduced laptops and phones for students back in 2011 after installing an elaborate ICT network. Our learners at all levels have improved in their use and engagement with ICT. Their future is great!

2023 comes with a lot of promise! We intend to resume all our routines, events and good practice, and to shine! Thank you to all our parents for entrusting your precious children with us! Enjoy the festive children with them and we look forward to you all in the new year!

O. Semweya-Musoke

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