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Pupil on Duty Experience

At Taibah International school-Junior, pupils are given the opportunity to work at the front office. On 18/04/2023 it was my turn. I started duty by welcoming my fellow students. I greeted them, it was so nice interacting with my fellow children from different classes and also the teachers on duty.

After that session, I went class by class checking on lessons that were being conducted in each class. Thereafter I went back to find out the attendance of students in each class and I noticed that a few students were absent. The total result of the attendance was pinned up at the front office to show the number of pupils absent and those present. It was nice doing this and the teachers were helpful.

After all this, I went and relaxed at my table in the office. This was so amazing, It was really nice and a challenging experience. I thank the teachers, and administrators for giving us such opportunities.

Love Live Taibah, a school with a difference.

By Riyadh Mabikke Kibowa

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