For all Senior One and Senior Five applicants, an original result slip from former school or UNEB equivalent if ready. For others, an addition of two previous terms'; reports and recommendation from former school. (The Primary Leaving Examinations certificatc is a must for every UNEB applicant)

  1. A birth certificate

  2. Blanket

  3. Green bedcover (boys) blue bedcover (girls)

  4. 2 pairs of bed sheets and pillow

  5. 2 towels

  6. 2 pairs of closed black shoes

  7. 2 pairs of Canvas / P.E shoes

  8. 10 under clothes

  9. Night dress / pyjamas

  10. Toiletries i.e. washing soup, bathing soap etc.

11 Geometry set, pens, pencils, colours and box file

12. Dictionary

13. Bible/Quran

14. School bag

  1. Black belt / Brown belt

  2. 3 passport size photograph

  3. Mosquito net

  4. Cup, spoon and fork

  5. Water bottle

  6. Basin or pail and bathroom slippers

  7. White socks for girls and black for boys. (Not multi-coloured)

  8. Rain coat

  9. Lunchbox

  10. Musical instruments like guitar or keyboard

  11. Swimming costumes (one piece)

  12. Sports attire including netball attire

  13. Watch

  14. Decent clothing and shoes for Sunday


  1. Luggage should comprise of a medium size case (about 60 cm x 60 cm) and a bag only. Metal cases are not allowed in school.

  2. All students must report to school after undergoing a medical check-up. The medical checkup sheet to be completed by a doctor is to be issued at school. Termly dental and optical check-ups are also advised.

  3. ALI new students MUST report to school with a parent(s) or guardian(s) and must have visited the school before joining the school.

  4. All foreign students must have guardians/ parents who are ready to work with the school on issues to do with the student(s) whilst at school.


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