Save Edith

Hello every one, meet Edith, a girl who was born normal until the age of five when she suffered several strokes which paralyzed her to the extent of not being able to sit, walk, talk eat and sing since she was an upcoming artist. She last sang on stage when she was in nursery school. She is a child to one of the teachers in Taibah.

We are to raise USD 80,000 for her born marrow transplant in India. For this course, on 28th May 2022, we had the 100k charity run. People turned up in large numbers to participate in the run so as to raise enough money for Edith and give her chance to talk, eat, sing and walk again. We also had a car wash at UGX 100K people turned up in big numbers.

We thank everyone for having such kind hearts. We are still coming up with brilliant ideas to raise the remaining funds for Edith, her donor who also doubles as her sister and her mother for their air tickets, visas, upkeep and treatment in India. People are showing the five Cs of Taibah which are; confidence, creativity, critical thinking, communication and concern for the community and when we work together, big things become small things.

P.4 Velvet

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