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Food chain in the polar region.

A food chain is how animals or living things get food in their environment.

The polar region is a region of extensive ice around the North and South pole.

Food chains begin with producers and then consumers. Producers are the first level of the food chain. They make their food. For example, trees, grass, phytoplankton and others.

Consumers are of different types; primary, secondary and tertiary.

  1. Primary consumers are organisms that eat the producers, like insects, zooplanktons in the polar region.

  2. Secondary consumers are organisms that eat the primary consumer, for example birds, arctic cod in the polar region.

  3. Tertiary consumers are organisms that eat the secondary consumer, like python, leopard seal in the polar region.

New words

  1. Green algae

  2. Shrimp

  3. Arctic cod

  4. Leopard seal

  5. Polar bear 

Brandon Kintu, Yr.4 Firefinch

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