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In Cambridge, we are required to create some projects to further extend our knowledge. These projects help us to easily understand topics of different subjects. In year 6, we were required to make a model of a plant fossil in science. This fell under our topic about rocks.

These projects are found in our homework books and we are usually given a week to complete them. The project we were given was about making a plant fossil.

The materials we needed were plasticine, plaster of Paris and a leaf. First, I had to stretch out the clay so that it was big enough to fit the leaf. Next, I pressed the leaf down onto the clay so that I could have an imprint of the leaf and using the remaining clay, I made a border. And finally, I put my plaster of Paris over my imprint to get a mould and I left it to dry. I was left with amazing work and I feel very proud of my work.

Project work is very fun but it also has its challenges. The plasticine was not easy to find as my mom and I were not sure where to find it. I believe that children should get project work to further understand different subjects.

 Elaine Aine, Yr.6 Parakeet

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