Senate President Speech

With all protocol observed, my name is Andrea Kanyunyuzi and I and the Senate President. It is a huge honor and blessing to be standing in front of you today, and I am very humbled by the trust and confidence you have placed in me.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our dear teachers, who have supported us throughout this journey and continue to instill desirable values in our lives. I acknowledge the the outgoing senate for their efforts to uphold school leadership in such difficult circumstances. We hope to emulate you.

To the new senate, you are an amazing team full of hardworking people that are determined to serve our school. I am confident that we shall make a strong impact this year.

Our vision is to prioritize values like punctuality that will strengthen our discipline and integrity. I hope that we shall cooperate as we work towards achieving this.

To the new senate, I’d like to thank you for encouraging us to aspire for leadership and mentoring us on how to present ourselves as exemplary leaders. I’d also like to thank the head teacher, principal and school administration for developing the school and students that exhibit all the 5c’s.

Service is not done for recognition by others, or for the honor that is bestowed upon you, but the positive way in which you impact people’s lives. Therefore, I am ready to serve willingly and wholeheartedly with your trust and support.

Thank you.

Andrea Kanyunyuzi

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