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On the 17th of March, 2023, The Senior Five students set off for their long-awaited bonding trip. After weeks of planning and postponed excitement, the day had finally arrived. We hopped onto the school bus which is also known as ‘’Uncle Katende’s classroom’’ as we sang and got ready for the day’s ‘lesson’. At around 10 am, the ride began. Joy and energy were painted across each and everyone’s faces.

In about an hour, we arrived at our destination. With so much zeal, everyone jumped out of the bus as the faint echoes of the music playing went on. It was a fun-filled ride that bore peals of laughter, smiles, stories and so much more. With no hesitation, the colourful that carried the school logo was all one could see on the compound. The curiosity that filled our heads was quite amazing.

After a small introductory meeting, we jumped right into our day. Different people gathered around the spacious field to enjoy the pleasant music in the background. Others navigated the promises as they admired the breathtaking scenery. The sun covered the place and a few rays left the mini lake shining which you could say was a blessing to one’s eyes. Now that this session had ended, the aroma of the food started to invite us. All the roads led to the food serving points as we all licked and dashed into our meals. Our teachers, on the other hand, took this opportunity to interact and understand the characters of their tutees.

The moment we had all waited for had finally approached, all zips, pockets and wallets murmured as we reached out to get coins and notes to accommodate the rides. It was almost impossible to decide since each of them seemed to be calling us by our names. My colleagues and I all enthusiastically enjoyed the rides; boat cruises, zip lining and of course the endless bicycle rides. The boys were covered in the spacious green field to share their first love; football.

Sadly, this day had to come to an end and it left all the wide smiles fading and pure white eyes teary. Everyone boarded the bus and Uncle Katende took us through the end of our lesson in his class. This was indeed a day to forever live by for the memories created were embodied in our minds. We call it serendipity at its best



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