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Service above Self

Mahatma Gandhi observed that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” I could not agree more with that because it is one of the truest truths.

I introduce to you the Taibah Interact Club; It is as stern as part of a boat! The epitome of genuine love and care! All ingredients are balanced to make up a phenomenal and exemplary club. Taibah interact club believes that charity is the generosity of kings and queens, especially towards the unlucky.

On Wednesday, 19th April 2023 when the sun was almost sending its last nice smiles to the earth, The Taibah Interact Club headed by our patron teacher Christine Pajob made a fascinating trip to Kibulamuliro Primary School in Bwebajja. The situation there was so breathtaking since the pupils received us with innocent warmth and happiness.

As a club, we gave the girls a few things that would make any girl feel whole. We also found a one Mani Benjamin Godfrey, a very vivacious son of our own whom we pledged to take care of. The entire experience was so fulfilling simply because we got to know the challenges the young go through and we also tried to comfort them with a mind-blowing talk from the club president Terri Kaddu and Cleopatra her vice.

All in all, the major lesson was “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be that light that helps others see. It’s what gives life its deepest significance”.

All this is in the spirit of service “Service above self”.

I remain Sharif Luttamaguzi Uddin,

Club member,

Taibah Interact Club 2023

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