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Should Health and Wellness Classes be Compulsory for Teens?

As a teen, how many times are you questioned about your physical and mental health and how much do you know about your body and mind’s wellbeing?

The sad truth is that most teens around the world are not taught about themselves and their bodies. While in many communities, topics like monthly periods and wet dreams are accepted as natural processes that everyone must go through, others are seen as taboo to even think about and because of this selfishness, many teens are left in the dark about changes that are going to happen in their bodies.

Many teens go through puberty thinking that they are sick and many pick up a lot of insecurities (especially in girls). Many teens do not know how to take care of a body undergoing puberty as they lack the knowledge of how to keep it clean and healthy both physically and mentally. This can be largely attributed to the stigma surrounding the discussion of such topics among teenagers.

Many teens, unfortunately, have to navigate through puberty alone, too ashamed to ask for help from the elders because they fear being called 'unclean' or 'sick' or 'impure', which is ridiculous because there is no single man or woman who has not experienced it. This has given birth to a multitude of mental health challenges like ADHD, OCD and so many more.

This has sparked demand for compulsory health and wellness classes to help teens prevent mental and physical illness.

Sizwe Makweta

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