Smart Phones are Killing You

This is an object killing people’s health. Cell phones become addictive and these addictions come with grave problems to human life. What was the person that invented smart phones thinking? Life was much better when Apple and Blackberries /blueberries were just fruits.

So, one of the things that is dangerous to humans is the high levels of electromagnetic radiation due to heavy internet usage leading to health problems like a brain tumour and skin cancer. You wouldn’t what to get such diseases; would you?

The bright light emitted from the screen of a smart phone leads to severe eye strain during long term use and it could slowly damage the retina. It is better to read a hard cover book than let the bright and severe eye strain damage your retina.

Spending most of the time on your phone creates neck problems, bad posture and sleep deprivation. Instead of being a couch potato, you could do exercise and prevent the above from happening because prevention is better than cure.

Some of you become cyber criminals and it is said approximately 90,000 people are affected by cybercrime (including cyber bullying) per month around the world which could be your family, friends and neighbours. Lastly, exposure to unwanted things on the internet affects a child’s growth mentally and physically leading to inappropriate behaviour later in life.

I therefore believe the that without smart phones people can return to communicating like they used to through written messages which actually help with our writing skills than typing that destroys it and save our health mentally and physically.


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