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Sports Day

On 8th March 2024, Taibah International School Junior held its annual sports day gala. It was such an exciting day. It started with the teams marching beautifully dressed in their house colours.

We were all eager and excited about the games. Every learner participated in the game activities because all parents were to come and see their hero.

I participated in three activities and these are, the ball bond race, 200 metres and swimming. It was such an honour to present my team.

Though my colour takes the trophy home as the best, we keep in mind that winning is not for everyone and all colours can't win at the same time.

However, I am grateful to the Taibah administration for allowing us to discover our talents in sports.

I lastly congratulate Rwenzori Red for taking the trophy home. And I pray for the rest of the colours to work for the trophy next year.



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