The fastest time in 50 meters freestyle ever recorded in the world is 20.91 seconds by Cesar Cielo and in Uganda it’s Tendo Mukalazi with 23.87 seconds. Every year, the Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) takes the liberty in organizing a National Swimming Gala to give Ugandan Swimmers a chance to change those names and numbers. A few bred in, Benjamin Kamara, Sankara Mata and I were granted the opportunity to participate in the competition with the help of our Coach Emmanuel and the administration. Even though we did not make any history, at least we got the chance to compete and win some of our races. And with more training, we know that we will have a better chance at doing the impossible and I used the pronoun “WE” not just referring to Kamara, Sankara and I but “WE” as anyone that feels like they can. Anything is possible!

By Derrick Bisaso

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