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A day I will never forget is the day I joined Taibah Junior School. When they dropped me at school, I could not study, everything was new. Then they directed me to P.1 Seagull, and I sat down, I didn’t have any friend that day. At break time, as I was told to go out, I saw my cousin Oma and I felt good for a moment because I got someone to speak to. But still I was not fine because she was in another class. My day two in school, I told my father to take me to Oma’s class and the head teacher took me to my cousin’s class. I was so happy, and I have enjoyed the class because I met a sweet loving caring teacher who used to call me beautiful Aleena. Have learnt many things like sharing, speaking on assembly, arranging things in class and so many others. I am proud of my school.

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