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Taibah Prefects

In Taibah we have leaders, and we have different posts such as; Head prefect, Head girl, Head boy, Assistant head girl, Assistant head boy, General duties, Head monitor, Games and sports, Assistant Games and sports, Assistant Speaker, Speaker, prefect for headteacher’s office, prefect for deputy headteacher’s office, Assistant entertainment, Current Affairs, Assemblies to mention but these. They have the responsibility to lead us by telling us the right things and being exemplary. Before they became leaders, they were just like us. The teachers gave them the opportunity. Now they are prefects at Taibah International School. A great leader starts from here. Being a normal student, you should try being a prefect. They also have meetings on Mondays. I admire them. Come what may, I must be a prefect next year.

Rowena Mukisa, Yr. 4 Fire finch

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