Take Juice for a Healthy Life

At the beginning of the term, our teacher told us that were to have exposition on the 18th of June, so she requested us to more participative because this was going to be more vital to us. I was so happy and I wanted to know what really exposition meant. After some few days, our class teacher introduced to us the topic we were going to expose. She broke down the topic, we were briefed on what was going to be done and all what we needed to make that day a fabulous one. She grouped us in different groups, but in those group each individual had what to present.

Every day, we used to make juice of different types, enjoyed the juice on our lunch, it was really fun. This day exposed us to very many things such as the local methods how juice was made, the modern ways after the discovery of the new machines such as blenders and juice extractors, making juice of health living and here we all got those skills. We also learnt how to make health juices such as detox water and many others.

We knew everything because we had learnt them and got different trainings, the parents were very happy and appreciated Taibah a lot for such creative things. I was exposed to many things like machines, the knowledge ,new people, that I got a lot of experience that will drive me through my daily life , great thanks goes the administrators, teachers , parents and all other people who made this day colorful .

Long live Taibah Junior School.

Compiled by:

Aneela Kyazze Yusuf
Primary Two Spoonbill

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