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“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others” – Mustafa

Kemal Ataturk

In week 4, we focused on and celebrated the theme of 'Teachers' in school. So many teachers in schools are undermined and underappreciated, yet they need all the support they can get when carrying out their jobs every day. Coincidentally, my class, Year Nine Axolotls, was presenting on the theme of the week. As no one is perfect, we wanted to ensure that both the good and the bad sides of teachers, in our experience, were portrayed.

Though teachers sometimes judge situations poorly and are often strict with students, a lot of people ignore the fact that teachers generally shape and aid in developing the minds of generations to come. A huge number of great people in our world wouldn’t be where they are now without the help of teachers who are just as great.

That week, a generous amount of students had ensured to treat our teachers with greater respect and understanding. We are also advised to show our care for them, not only in words but through our actions. One of the most important things I learned that week was that everyone can be a teacher in the same way that everyone can be taught. You don’t have to graduate as a professor to teach someone something. You could teach someone to be kind or how to clean or cook. The possibilities are endless!

This just goes to show how many people we need to appreciate in our world. Though to my darling teachers in school, I am grateful for your wisdom, guidance, kindness, and patience.

Yoanna Mona

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