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Tessellating is about fitting shapes together without living spaces. In our class, we tessellated art together. When we tessellated, we created shapes out of tessellating other shapes. We also made toys we love and even made animals out of shapes. These are the shapes we chose: squares, diamonds, and pentagons. Firstly, I started with a pentagon and connected squares and then fixed them together and made a gigantic dinosaur.

Gareth Bautu, YR.5 WB



Je m’appelle Gareth Bautu

J’habite à Kigo

Je joue au foot.

J’aime le basket

Est-ce que tu aimes le francais?

Je parle le francais et L’anglàis.

Merci beaucoup et au révoir!

Gareth Bautu, YR.5 WB

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