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For a fortnight, the year 12B class got the chance to partake in the annual work experience where they worked in dissimilar offices and business centers across Uganda. I was exceedingly fortunate to be the only year 11 that was endowed with such an awe-inspiring opportunity.

Was it beneficial and instrumental for us? For many, receiving a daily allowance made participation seem remunerative. Students shared stories every evening about their daily experiences – good, bad, funny, and mesmerizing. One of the most outstanding stories that continuously reverberates in my brain, is one from a student that was working at Kampala Medical Chambers, she had a chance to watch and assist a woman give birth- just imagine the entire process. (Chills and disbelief have probably cascaded down some of your spines, I presume) Others worked at Doctor’s Hospital, Henrob, Lesmo Supermarket, Centenary Bank, Stanbic Bank, Face TV, Café Javas, KSK, and one of Uganda’s leading Telecommunication companies.

Every forenoon, we were drowned in the glories of artistry as the gents were besuited and the girls were soigne’ to perfection with the most precise details taken into consideration. (Very Taibah like, perhaps it was a way of getting mentality organized for the day) I strongly believe, that work experience furnishes us with basic knowledge of what the working class around this universe goes through and formulates us for a significantly vast domain. Was it easy? Almost every evening when our parents return home, they beg for some peace and quiet, and many times we ignore their humble plea and assume work is like taking candy from a baby and isn’t arduous in any possible sense. Well personally, I looked forward to lying in my warm sheets under the simplicity of the star-enshrouded night after a long day of getting my duties done and dusted - so did many other students and teachers that were responsible for us.

In my point of view, it was extremely thoughtful for the school to incorporate this culture into the system, everyone gets a chance to have a similar experience by being a student on duty. I am unequivocally certain that speak for multitudes when I say this edifies us to unveil utmost gratitude to our parents, guardians, teachers basically everyone hustling out there regardless of their occupation- the different stories we shared with peers, Tr. Christine and Tr. Rita every evening as we sat silently in a cluster in the A-level center proved to me that the world out there can be a roller-coaster, especially in the work sector. For every prosperity at any workplace, we clapped as loud as thunder and for every complaint, our teachers called the workplace and quickly dealt with any inconveniences.

The world as we know it today is in deep requisition of an independent population, one that can display stupendous levels of hard work and success outside school, one that can redraw the population pyramids. Many schools out there only focus on a student’s test performance as opposed to their knowledge retention, the warm embrace of their mental diversity, and a basic foundation of values needed to leave a legacy, a great mark of improvement on the face of the earth. Taibah has instilled in us the 5Cs (Communication, Concern for the Community, Creativity, Confidence, and Critical thinking). All these have been greatly ameliorated every single day of my stay at Taibah and the work experience has thrown more than enough light on this very case time and time again– *THIS IS WHAT EDUCATION WITH A DIFFERENCE* REALLY MEANS, identifying every individual’s strength and tailoring them to face reality with great diversity (as many say there is never 1 solution to a problem.)


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