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The 5Cs of a Taibah child have helped us to gain in many ways. I shall mention them here one at a time and give their meaning; Confidence. It has helped us in many ways like in public places, to talk about ourselves without shame, address assemblies in schools, participate effectively in class discussions, circle time and others. Creativity. We learn to be creative in everything we do. We say that everyone is an artist. We design our patterns, titles, cover pages, cards, and letters. Critical thinking. We should be critical thinkers in everything we do. We shouldn’t be mere reflectors of other people’s thoughts. We should think faster if we have to solve any problems. Communication. We should learn to express ourselves to others like our parents, teachers, visitors, fellow children, and closest friends. We should always speak about what’s good and bad. Lastly is Concern for the Community. We should learn to show concern for others like those without food, shelter, clothes, and the sick and those without scholastic materials. My dear parents and fellow students let us learn from the 5Cs of a Taibah child because as we have seen, they are useful in many ways, so let us use them as seen from above. 

Imani Rakama, P.6 Wrens

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