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For the first time in two years, Taibah International School has hosted the African day and night event. Various students showcased cultures from all over Africa in not only attire but also food. This year, the Year 10 class organized the activities taking place and through a thoroughly selected committee, the day was full of awe and wonder.

To begin with, every class was given a task of recreating a traditional dish from a specific country e.g. Teacher Munana’s Year 7 class presented a Rwandese specialty while other classes did nations like Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and so on. The class with the best dish was given a cake as a prize by the end of the night festivities.

Even though the life of the party was at night, what’s there to say about the afternoon? Well, guess what, after lunch, the committee organized an outstanding run-way showdown that left everyone speechless. By the time the fashion show ended, Rehab, a Year 9 student won the position of African queen for her spectacular choice of fabric and remarkable confidence on the red carpet. During the end-of-year assembly, Teacher Annet, the Head teacher said she was fascinated by the epitome of fashion and the diverse trends everyone was putting forth.

Taibah International School ensured that phones were evenly distributed so that all students would take as many pictures as possible. Additionally, the school also compensated for the students without phones through Teacher Gadson who volunteered to take pictures and post them on the Taibah social media page.

The vibe started to pick up as time went by and as soon as the sky darkened, everyone’s anticipation of the night could be felt from a mile away. With stage lights on all corners eliminating colors of all kinds and the DJ blasting Afro beats through the speakers, the platform resembled that of a concert.

Dance performances from both UNEB and Cambridge mesmerized the audience and heightened the tension as to which group would win the prize. Alongside the dancers, Taibah’s most known musicians, Lucky Joe and Top Shota entertained everyone, boosting the crowds’ vibe and making uproar. The Head teacher summarized the night with a traditional Kiganda dance accompanied by some teachers who matched the vibrancy that music brought, surprising both fellow teachers and the student audience at hand. One can truly say that it was terrific, once in a life time night indeed.

Hannah Nsiime

Year 10

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