The Art of Swimming

Having fear of the ocean? Try swimming, a unique sport like no other. Still do not know what that is? Do not worry, I’ll tell you about it. Swimming is a sport that exercises the mind and body at the same time. It does not require running for 90 minutes or shooting hoops in a basket for over 48 minutes. I must admit, swimming at first sight is quite frightening because you may take a glimpse at swimmers breathing heavily as if their next breath is their last but that’s the beauty of the sport.

Need to burn some calories, try swimming. It really helps with burning all the excess calories in the body. Swimming also reduces the chances of one getting cardiac arrests. Your boyfriend has refused to shower for 3 days? Push him inside and chlorine will do the perfect job. Swimming also comes in handy when sailing across large water bodies and your boat or means of transport may get an issue and the only way to save yourself is by swimming.

Sports aside, swimming on the other hand can be done for leisure like scuba diving. This helps you discover what goes on beneath the deep blue sea. With all the magnificent coral reefs and wonderful dolphins, it’s practically impossible not to love the art if swimming. As much as swimming may look exciting, it requires a lot of sacrifice, hard work, time and determination. Michael Phelps, the world’s fastest and greatest swimmer of all time, inspired me to be the person I am today. I may not inspire you physically but I hope this message surely does.

So as you sit on a couch sweeping the art of swimming under a rug, try buying a swim suit and take a dive in the ocean. Make swimming as common as dust not as rare as gold.

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