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The Beauty of Diversity

Being different is a beautiful thing. To some, it may seem weird, but to be honest, who wouldn’t love to take a step out of their comfort zone and explore different types of cultures from different parts of the world? From the Igbo in Nigeria to the Baganda in Uganda. Making it even more interesting. Culture goes way beyond the continent it encompasses the globe.

All the colourful attires catch people's attention and leave them speechless. The different patterns and designs that tell a story. A story of something precious, something beyond what meets the eye. Some were embedded with precious stones for a bit of sparkle, others with intricate details never seen before, but admirable.

All those languages. Those sentences that we might not understand, but at times find funny. From Chinese to French to German to Luganda to Runyankole, and so much more. The way it unites people as one is such a beautiful thing to look at. There’s no better feeling than finding someone who speaks a similar language as you. It’s like finding the missing crystal you have been searching for.

The beliefs will never cease to be the best part. I find it funny how people take these things seriously. For example in Iteso culture, long ago, people believed when it was cold outside, the dead people who had been buried outside were feeling cold. The strange part about it all is you never know whether they are true or not, but no one pays attention to them these days. They could have just been myths brought up to promote good morals in society. Who knows?

To finish it off, the music! Do not get me started on the French songs. The rhythm, the beat, the change in tone of voice, and the expert use of words! There are utterly no words in the whole wide world that I could use to describe it. Not forgetting, the street music, the one of those cultural events, it all just screams culture. Diversity is such a breathtaking thing to think about.

Erone Rachael

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