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The Beauty of Taibah International School

One may wonder why Taibah is flourishing excellently as a centre of education today, yet its school dues are parent-friendly. The reality is here and yet another mystery is to be explained.

Taibah is flourishing both internationally and nationwide because of its advancement in leading the educational world today in Uganda. Taibah has done this through the various rare opportunities it avails to students. I would, therefore, like to introduce the opportunities in Taibah.

In Taibah, we believe and affirm that we all deserve a comfortable and inducing environment for education no matter the financial status, physical ability, and many other differences between people. All this is enforced by the Taibah anti-bullying policy.

Not forgetting the adequate and well-maintained facilities like the football pitch, basketball and netball courts, gym and swimming pool. There is too much for someone to exploit. These give students controlled leisure, fun, and easy connection to others as well as help students to relax from hard work, and since work without play is not healthy, it shows that those facilities are doing great. In Taibah, students are given a chance to feel responsible through an array of activities, election of leaders to get leadership experience, work experience as well and personal integrity which are in high demand in this century. In Taibah, we believe we can do it, and we believe in second chances for students' misconduct. That means every student can gain room to learn from their experience and other people. Everything done in Taibah is governed by the 5C's (Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Concern for the community).

Every student knows the importance of cooperation with others, confidence while expressing positive opinions, creativity, and active concern for the community. These make products (students) from Taibah amazing, meaning Taibah is a centre of excellence in education. Thank you, Taibah for the positive change you have impacted on us as students.

Jimmy Tumusime

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