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The Cambridge Non-Uniform Day

On the Cambridge Non-Uniform Day, pupils and teachers donated money and other things for charity. After collections, we agreed to visit an old lady called Maria Nakafeero who lives in SSisa. So, we bought many things and some children represented the school to deliver the donations. I was part of the group that visited the old lady.

When we reached, we learnt that the old lady lives alone in her very small house. Secondly, she is so old that she doesn’t remember her own age! She uses a walking stick but still tries her best to work in her garden! She basically relies on donations to stay alive. When she saw us, she was so excited! She told us that, when she was still a very young girl, she and her family ran away from Rwanda and came to Uganda due to famine at the time. Times were so harsh that she walked up to Uganda! She walked through thick forests packed with wild animals which would mercilessly kill! Most of the people Grandma was moving with lost their lives to the wild animals! Luckily, she survived.

After telling us all that, she sang for us and we sang for her as well. There after we gave her what we had carried for her which included a mattress, blanket, sugar, rice, beans, soap, shoes and many other things. Grandma was very happy! She blessed us individually before we left. We prayed for her and carried the donations to her house.

It was time for us to go back to school. The ride from Ssisa to school was quite long but we still managed to stay entertained by simply conversing with each other.

Jeana Okiror, Yr.5 Waxbill

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