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In the carnival, there were four colours, Mufumbiro Blue House, Elgon Yellow House, Moroto Green House and Rwenzori Red House.

It was such an excitement. The costumes were beautiful and the dances had energy. Even the noises were so much. When the different houses were coming, the parents’ attention and cheering levels were high. At the end of the carnival Rwenzori Red was in first position they shouted with happiness.


 In the Aerobics, Elgon Yellow danced with energy as well as the others. The uniformity for Moroto Green was very good but it couldn’t defeat Elgon Yellow. They danced Kadodi, Lingala and Amapiano with energy that the parents cheered, ‘Go yellow, hey, hey go yellow, hey, hey.’ Then they went back to their camps. They were tired and scared that they would win. They kept on cheering. In conclusion, Elgon Yellow won aerobics and it took second place in sports day. 

Gina Were Jenelle, P.6 Eagles

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