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It was such a lovely Thursday. We started the day very well, it did not rain at all. My father took me to school just like every day, and my friends and teacher welcomed me with love as we do every day. So, as I sat on my chair, my mother came with so many things and gave them to my teacher, I kept on looking out and I could see my mother still moving at the compound and swimming pool and I asked myself what was going on. To my surprise, my parents, aunties, sister, friends, and my teacher had organized for me a birthday.

It was really a big day for me at school that I will never forget because it was such a wonderful day. My teacher played nice music that day, she brought a saxophone man to sing for me and when I reached the swimming pool area, it was great. We enjoyed nice lunch that was organized by my parents and teacher.

I got so many gifts from different people like Daddy, mummy, my lovely aunties, and my sister.

I wish to celebrate all my birthdays; at school. Thank you, Daddy and mummy, for loving me.


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