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The day the Mufti visited Taibah Junior School

It was a bright Thursday afternoon when I was just in class learning then suddenly Teacher Meddie called me out of class, I wondered why. He told me that I was going to take the Super Supreme Mufti of Uganda around our school.

Teacher Meddie had prepared me and King Twalib on what we were going to say when the Mufti arrived and where we would take the Mufti when moving around the school.

After that, Teacher Meddie told us to be prepared.

I ate lunch, prayed, got my clothes ready, and waited at the gate for when the Mufti arrived. At exactly 2:00 pm the Mufti's car entered the school.

His guards first opened the doors, me and King Twalib shook hands with the Mufti then we started the tour, first we went to the administration block, we showed hi, to Aunt Melissa, then we went to the Head Teacher's office.

We had a little snack, Teacher Madinah talked with the Mufti then we set off to some of our UNEB classes and they greeted the Mufti with big smiles then we went to the Cambridge classes and saw Year 5, and Year 2.

After we went to the mosque for the Mufti to pray for the P.7 candidates, after some time we prayed the Aswir prayer and went to Cambridge Year 2 for the Mufti’s meal, then we went to see all the P.7 candidates of 2021 and 2022.

Teacher Madinah gave the Mufti some things to take to where he was going then he left.

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