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It was a nice Wednesday morning when we received an announcement to the dining hall. When we arrived at the dining hall, we were that we were going to have a debate. There was P4, Y5, Y4 and P5 debate. Well, guess what, the P4 and Y5 group took it all. Then we had a P6, Y6 and P7 debate and P6, Y6 group took it all. After that we had a brief communication from the deputy head teacher and it was about friendship. We then went back to class and later on we had another assembly at 4 00pm where we had very many activities like theme presentations, moral thoughts and most especially awarding ceremonies for those who got aggregate 4 and I was one of them . Well, the present l got was a piggy bank so that l could save more. Now I have enough money to buy for myself anything!

Cizellah Alinde, P.5C

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