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Everyone comes and eventually has to leave the school. For example, the P.7 and Yr. 6 2022. They came into Taibah International School and left. As you know everyone in this world has to rest after doing something tiresome. The P.7 and Yr. 6 recently did their P.L.E. and Check Point. Taibah International School has a different way of sending candidates. The school knew they had to be tired after their P.L.E, so they decided to organize for them a leaver’s party/ P.7 and Yr. 6 PROM. Let’s start with the getting ready for prom. Some P.7 and Yr. 6 went home on Thursday to get ready for prom and the rest already had their outfits ready. The ones who went home had to come back to school on Friday morning with their outfits. In the afternoon, we had practice for Valedictory. At around 1:40pm after lunch, the teachers gathered us around the administration block to clap P.7 and Yr. 6 as they came out in their gorgeous outfits and indeed they enjoyed the party. I honestly can’t wait for next year to see how our leaver’s party/ prom will be. I shall miss the P.7 and Yr. 6 2022 for being great friends and for teaching me to be a better person. As I said in the beginning everyone has to leave the school, after they enjoyed the party, Valedictory had to come next which meant they’d be leaving the school on Saturday because they were already done with P.L.E and they did leave. All the P.7 and Yr. 6 should know Taibah missed them because when you leave a place where you are loved you are missed.

Joan Marina Ndagire, P.6 CC

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