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I have been in this school for three years now starting in 2020. My friends always told me about the best end end-of-term party in school. They called it ’Mega Bash; ever since that day, l had been waiting for the party but, it never came.

All of the third terms, apart from this one, have been online. So, that means all the Mega Bashes were cancelled. This year I am in year six meaning by the time of the party, I shall have left.

However, I really can’t wait to go to the Prom Party/ Leavers Party for the candidates. It will be the first amazing party I shall go for. I am super excited! But, the only problem is that if you don’t pay 50K, you can’t attend it.

This means if I want to attend the party, I have to start by telling my mom so that she can send the money. Anyhow, all I know is that I am super ready to go to the party.

Chanel Mulungi, Yr. 6P

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