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“Science is the study of living and non-living things” was something we were all used to in our primary schools not until we graduated into secondary school where it has been split into three different subjects. They include Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Firstly, Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties. It involves experimenting with different elements such as Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and many others. Chemical formulae and balancing equations are some of the topics that intrigue your brain. One of the topics that will surely fascinate you in Chemistry is structures and bonds. The different types of bonds are metallic, ionic, covalent and dative bonds. This topic is really applicable in our lives for example, during the welding of gates the metals are bonded together to form a structure.

Secondly, Biology is the study of different life processes that happen in living organisms. For example, excretion means the removal of toxic metabolic wastes and substances in excess of requirement from the body of an organism. Another life process is respiration which is a process that involves chemical reactions that break down nutrient molecules such as glucose in living cells to release energy. It has two types which are aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Did you know that during vigorous activities such as running our bodies don’t use oxygen to form energy? Turns out that during vigorous exercise the lungs can’t work fast enough to give the entire body energy therefore it resorts to using excess glucose stored away, hence forming lactic acid.

Another branch of science is Physics which is the study of matter in relation to energy. It involves the mathematical bit of science such as calculating pressure, speed, time, distance and displacement. You get to learn about the different physicists such as Newton who invented the laws of motion. Go out of this world by studying the solar system and learn about the individual planets such as Mars, Saturn and many others.

As a new student in Taibah International School. I would like to thank my respective teachers who have taught me and made me love these subjects.

Aber Lyn Aya

Senior Three Sparrows

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