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Langi is a special culture. I will tell you about how my culture counts, the district, the greeting, the traditional food and how to say thank you so much in culture. Let me start with counting; acel is 1, ariyo is 2, adek is 3, angwen is 4, abic is 5, abicel is 6…. and apaar is 10. Next is the District Lira. It is where the Lingis come from. Thirdly is the greeting. The person who starts the greeting says kopango then you reply with kope. Fourthly, the traditional food is boo which is cowpeas leaves and kwon which is mingled from cassava floor. Fifth is how to say thank you so much is afwoyo matek and afwoyo is thanks. The leader of the Langi is Rwot. It is the title given to the leader of the Langi. It is such a beautiful culture.

Akello Serena, P.7 Pigeon

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