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Three determined girls Sophia, Alexis and Hannah are on an objective to find their lost treasure and as well their Uncle Charles. The three girls are triplets and are all eighteen so they live together in one house. Sophia is sluggish but rather funny, Alexis is thoughtful, funny and a critical thinker while Hannah is……um, normal, adventurous and a little short-tempered.

One morning, to be specific, one Saturday morning Hannah got up from bed, marched into Sophia’s room and yelled, “SOPHIA GET UP, WE’RE NOT GONNA WAIT FOR HOURS JUST FOR YOU TO GET OUT-” Hannah is cut short when Alexis walks in and softly says, “Keep it down Hannah, but seriously please get up. Remember, we’re on a mission?” “Yeah yeah” says Sophia, her voice hoarse.

When Sophia was finally done, she went downstairs, to her surprise both Alexis and Hannah glared at her sharply with anger. “What, did I do something wrong? “YES YOU DID DO SOMETHING WRONG, WE’RE LATE FOR OUR MISSION YOU KN-” “Hannah clam down.” Says Alexis as she interrupted Hannah.


After minutes of arguing, the girls set out on a makeshift boat. Their so called book of treasures leads them to a sketchy island, the girls believe in the book because it supposedly belonged to their uncle who disappeared years ago!

Upon reaching the island, the girls came across a girl who washed up on the seashore; her clothes were drenched in water. She seemed lifeless at first but then she gasped for air, and unfortunately, she didn’t regain consciousness. She had no injuries except for a deep wound on her leg. Alexis being the smart one treated the girl’s wound, the girls waited impatiently as this girl could have knowledge about their long-lost uncle. The girl starts gaining consciousness, at some point she starts mumbling stuff like, “Revenge…. revenge.” The girls listen in shock. “


The girls abruptly jumped back in horror, “Is it just me or did she just say revenge, revenge.” asked Sophia, her hands trembling. “Yeah, we all heard that” answered Alexis and Hannah. The girls were scared but they really believed this girl knew something because she resembled their cousin.

They continued waiting impatiently and then… the girl woke up. The girls were relieved because they all assumed she wouldn’t wake up. Once the girl was stable they overwhelmed her with questions, “What is your name?” “What happened to you?” asked the girls curious. “Slow down, my name is Lisa.” answered the girl. “If you’re okay with it, may you tell us what happened to you,” said Alexis. “Okay, I was on a wooden boat with……someone. I think his name was Ch-, Chase-” the girls interrupt Lisa by sighing. “Anyway, there was a fierce storm and the thunder roared like a lion! It was so frantic. The storm got stronger when Chase and me.…… Fell into the water, but Chase didn’t make it.” This was the point Lisa didn’t want the conversation to go on because she was literally crying her eyes out.


“One question. Why were you mumbling revenge when we got you out of the sea.” asked Alexis “Oh, the boat sailor turned out to be a killer. He cut my leg, I lost balance and that is when I fell into the water. Since that day I have looked for someone to avenge me” said Lisa ending her story. “Wow, that must have been hard for you.” Said Sophia disturbed by what Lisa said.

The girls’ day doesn’t get any better because once again they come across something odd. This time they come across a man, but not just any man their Uncle Charles lying on the ground, he seemed to have been attacked by something but one thing was for sure he was still alive. The girls jump and cheer but have the feeling they might never find their treasure. Their happiness soon vanishes when Lisa screams. “I think she’s crazy from all that time in her water comma.” says Sophia with a chuckle.” ………………….

Jeana Okiror, Yr. 4 FF

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