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Music is happiness, music is joy, music relaxes our souls and is an educative tool that binds us!

I am so excited to share my beautiful experience with you about the Music Week.

The music week took place in week ten and happened from Monday to Friday. It was organised by teacher Miriam, who trained us and made sure that we had a good performance. So many pupils were given a chance to participate through singing, and I for one got that chance.

The singing happened every lunchtime and we had to sing for the whole school. It was such a big crowd and I was at first shy, but I gained confidence because all the teachers and pupils cheered us on as we sang, so I realised that I had to do it for other pupils to be encouraged so that they can also participate someday.

Everyone loved our voices, our confidence and our creativity. I also got a chance to sing for parents during the prefects' swearing-in ceremony that happened in the same week. Oh, how they loved it!

It was such a wonderful experience because we got to show off our beautiful talents. I cannot wait to participate in the next one.

May your soul be touched by a beautiful song every day.



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