The Night of Nights

High school life would definitely be imperfect without the Prom Night. It was indeed a night to remember, a night that made a mark on everybody’s heart and made us feel like we can be princes and princesses not only in our imaginations but in real life as well. Enchanting and fairytale moments don’t only lie beneath the covers of our old storybooks, for us they were manifested under the beat of music and the glitz of lights.

21st May, 2022, the most anticipated day of every senior student came to pass after weeks of preparation. Led by a very hardworking committee we managed to organize an event like no other. From this experience I think it’s safe to say we each acquired team work skills, patience and bargaining skills.

The highlight of the day for many of us was the red carpet. It was both exciting and frightening to walk in a crowd of people who were keenly taking note of your every move. The red carpet was where stunning, sophistication and masculinity paved the way for a true remarkable night. Every one carried themselves with poise and grace all dressed to the nines. It was indeed one for the books.

The day was a rollercoaster of emotions, for many of us we recognized that after sitting our final exams life would take a turn and we would part ways not only with each other but with the school and teachers we hold so dearly. Tears of joy, laughter and jumping filled the dance floor and if it were up to many we would never have stopped but just like all good things come to an end this too did.

Daniella Mukomukama

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