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The Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa conveys the beauty and natural wealth of the land of Africa.

Uganda was named “the Pearl of Africa“by Winston Churchill who was the prime minister of England. In his book he named ‘My African Journey’ which he worked on in 1908, he called Uganda the pearl of Africa due to her magnificent natural wealth such as Vegetation, birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, beasts, natural waterbodies, and beautiful sceneries.

Uganda popularly known as the Pearl of Africa is located in the Eastern region of Africa, neighbouring 5 different countries and crossed by the major line of latitude called Equator.

These are some of the wonders that make Uganda a pleasant country in Africa;

  • Mountain Gorillas

  • Climbing Lions (only found in Uganda)

  • Lake Victoria the (largest freshwater lake in Africa)

  • Kazinga channel (a school hippos in the world)

  • Murchison falls

  • Mountain Rwenzori. (a snow-capped mountain).

I like Uganda my country because of her beauty, abundant wildlife, and diversity.

By Michealla Ssuubi Kitui

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