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The Role of a Senior Woman

A senior woman plays an important role in school. She is entrusted by the school management to cater for learners’ challenges especially the girl child. It is more of counselling and guidance than being just a teacher.

My role as a senior woman teacher involves working with the girls through supporting them with issues of body change, adolescence especially with menstruation hygiene management, create awareness and provide life skills Education.

Children have a right to be listened to and as they grow up, they face different challenges. Therefore, there is need for a platform for them to express their concerns which we do through the regular meetings that the senior woman department carries out in school.

Now that children have come back home for holiday, pay attention to their behavior, attitude and body language. Create ample time to know them better, be friends with them, allow them to express leadership skills where necessary and listen to them. Sometimes try not to play the role of a mother but a friend.

This way, we shall curb all the problems that the girl child faces including violence against them. It is our duty as parents and guardians to be the best teachers, role models and mentors to our children.

“Treat your mentee like any other friend and they will open up sooner”. Carolyn K

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