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As I sat down in complete silence to read my book, try to hang my stress on the hook. The tiny whispers of this rumour, the rumour that sends a chill down my spine, I wish checkpoint was less frightening. A*s are hard to get, for some people…just a blink away, time and time again. Revision with no end, activities must be done. There’s no room for relaxation.

Checkpoint is the one thing that makes candidates cry but sometimes smile. The people who taste your victory rejoice in God’s mercy. The pressure we candidates go through, you don’t know how much we surfer, to taste your victory, how much we need you to be easier. Checkpoint, please have mercy.

Teachers struggle to make us understand you, tests upon tests, work upon work. How hard do we need to work for you? We sweat each and every day for you. Do you even appreciate us? Checkpoint, please be better to us and our teachers. Checkpoint, please style up.

Nicole Jermine Tendo, Yr. 6 Parakeet

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