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The Senior Graduation Ceremony 2023

At around 2:00 p.m. on the 22nd of September, graduation at Taibah began. The decoration at the venue was admirable and the graduates themselves made it look better with their stunning dresses, jumpsuits, and suits. They were dressed for the occasion. Not forgetting the parents who looked like models as they were dressed in their outstanding outfits. With the gorgeous smiles on their faces, they were extremely excited to see their children finally graduate. When everyone was settled, we stood up for the prayer and anthems. Thereafter, we were amazed by the beautiful voices of the performers not forgetting the wonderful band. We later received motivational, beautiful, and inspiring words from Hon. Joyce who encouraged us to work hard and get what we wanted. Our principal came in and handed over certificates to the graduates who had become 'Taibah's babies' because they had been there for a long time, not forgetting to give the former school leaders who did a wonderful job and showed their confidence. The graduates later went in for pictures with their parents before the cake was cut. As people were getting hungry, the food was being served and they seemed to enjoy it very much. At last, graduation for senior 6 and year 13 came to a very wonderful end.

Kiconco Kabagyesera

Yr 9 Mantaray

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