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This is a ceremony that is organized where the prefects take the oath to abide by the school rules and regulations while seeking God’s guidance. Before that, the electoral chairperson informed those interested in leadership to apply for different posts since the term of office for the outgoing prefects’ body had elapsed.

The process of nomination followed, the forms bore a seconder pupil, a proposer pupil, a seconder teacher and finally the parent \ guardian who also had to second and then endorse exhibiting proof of consent of the contestant. open campaigns were proceeded by the election session and hence, the swearing-in.

This day was prepared for so parents were sent invitations to the ceremony in advance. We were then taken through the oath to familiarize it. Measurements of the new prefects for the new unique uniform were then taken this was coupled with a new sports attire well labelled with respective posts.

The day was very colourful since the parents arrived in time ready to witness the incoming leaders smartly dressed and ready to take oath. Intervals of entertainment were carried out then came the moment which was the gist of the day. The swearing-in. Thunderous handclaps followed and pictures were taken one after the other. A snack and a drink were then served to both the prefects and the parents present. What a memorable day it was!

On behalf of the new prefects body and on my own behalf, I convey our sincere gratitude to everyone who laboured to ensure our success. Long live Taibah International School as we extend our horizons.


P.5 Pytilia

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