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The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Taibah International School Junior. A place of fun, interaction, and relaxation and one that facilitates learning through the weekly swimming lesson as indicated in the class routine. The lessons are managed by a friendly and parental couch, Amos. With a lot of patience, he carries out instruction and because of that many learners would rather miss other lessons but not swimming.

During the recent games and sports competitions, I took the first position courtesy of team Red. My dream is to continue practising, acquire more skills and God willing represent my country internationally in the swimming gala competitions. Oh, the swimming pool, the place everyone would love to be.

We hire our swimming pool to friends outside with birthday parties, wedding meetings, after-parties, get-together parties and so many other activities. Our swimming pool zone is clean, secure and comfortable. Please come one, come all and feel its atmosphere.

From Sanyu Elizabeth

P.4 Pytilia.

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