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The Taibah Celebrations

Every year Taibah holds different celebrations. These celebrations include exposition, sports day, valedictory, theatre day, cultural day and so many others. Today I’m going to talk about a few of them.


Exposition is when every class presents information on a certain theme given by the school. During exposition preparation, each class is given a topic that falls under the theme. This year the theme was MY CULTURE MY PRIDE. My class was given Busoga Kingdom. On exposition, people are allowed to come watch and listen to the presentation prepared by the classes.


Valedictory is an occasion organized to say farewell to the Year 6 and Primary Seven class apart from the candidates trained for the performances related to Seven Candidates. This year the theme was MIRRORS OF THE PAST. Past events. On Sunday 12th November 2023 this was when the valedictory was held. There was a big attendance by the parents and they were so happy with the items presented.

At the end of the valedictory performance, candidates said their last goodbyes to everyone. This was a really emotional time for candidates.

Malaika Nisha Kayita

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