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Taibah International School was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Luyombo in 1998. TAIBAH’S first head teacher was Mr. Patrick Langford. Sadly, in 2006 Mr. Patrick Langford passed away.

TAIBAH consists of both the national /UNEB and international/Cambridge curriculums. Taibah’s principal is Mr. Oscar Semweya Musoke.

I took Taibah as the school of my choice because it has loving teachers and matrons who care about our well-being. Taibah is also outstanding when it comes to academic performance.

Taibah’s diet contains a variety of healthy options with all the necessary food values. Taibah also has lots of extracurricular activities ranging from football, swimming, art, music, dance, and drama among others. Taibah’s mission is to bring up a child with all the 5c’s which include confidence, creativity, critical thinking communication, and concern for the community, and that is the Taibah I know.

Gabriella Mukisa, Yr. 6

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