The Teenage Girl

When a girl gets to her teenage years, so many things change about her. Her character, friends, body, discipline. This is all normal because it comes as a body adaptation but then it’s also a difficult period having to realize that this is the time when you get so may challenges like having to know what real friendship is all about having to make the right choices.

Most girls change so much considering the fact that some let their age control them instead of the other way round. At this age you have to be able to learn so many things, learning to control your hormones which is all about how you take yourself in terms of respecting your body and how you see the opposite sex attractive that leads you into so many decisions if you are not careful like wanting to have an intimate relationship or even sleeping with them.

Choices about the friends you make comes in hand with peer influence we all know resisting this is so hard but easy when you have learned to make the right choices no matter the consequences of losing what or the other people you actually love. Your body is also one of the most precious things you have and you should learn to how to respect it as a girl by wearing decently not letting yourself be touched by any boy. Lastly discipline should be considered so much.

Always know that even when so many people do it, doesn’t make it right. Follow the right decision even when alone.

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