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The Top Must Read for Teenagers

Many teenagers are interested in reading, but what are the best books for them to indulge in? Some may be too boring, and others too old-fashioned, so here are some examples that I have read and consider good reads for teenagers.

  • Not So Normal Norbert

This book explores the life of a young man named Norbert who lives on a faraway planet and is moved to a different one. At first, he hates it there because it is not what he is used to but soon realises that it is better for him and adjusts to his new, free, happy life.

  • Lucky Star

This book revolves around the life of a boy, Mouse, girl and Cat, living two completely different lives until they cross paths one day. I think it is a must-read because it features many secrets, lies, deception, betrayal, and a bit of bullying, which is the kind of stuff that many teenagers go through and would relate to.

  • Girls Can Vlog

This book would be perfect for a teen because it surrounds the life of a teenage girl, Lucy, who is timid until she experiences a life-changing event at school that leads her to change for the better and become more confident. She even becomes a social media personality that is adored by many. I believe this is a perfect book for teens who may struggle with self-esteem and have trouble socializing or typically associating with others in general.

In my opinion, these are the top must-read books for teenagers because reading them, especially as a teenager, was very impactful on me and I believe it can do the same for other teens out there.

Nambassa Shifah

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