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What is love? The vast majority will say love is simply a feeling of having deep regard for someone or something. However, I say love is a little bit deeper than what people may think. Love is a little more than just a feeling of affection. Rather, it is also the ability to willingly put one’s feelings before your own. Love, as an ability, can manifest as physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time and gift giving. How, then, can love be expressed putting into consideration the above aspects?

Firstly, physical touch mainly comprises the expression of love through body contact. It may be a hug from your loved one or even a small hand holding from one with whom you feel safe. These small signs of affection induce the secretion of a hormone called serotonin which is among the “happy’ hormones. This hormone tends to lift people’s moods by a bunch. Also, a plethora of surveys have brought up the conclusion that there is a feeling of safety when one is on the warm embrace of their loved one.

Additionally, acts of service is another factor which majorly involves the willingness to do various activities with the motive of lifting a burden off some else’s shoulders. It could be as simple of helping out with a few errands, doing a bit of house chores or even pouring one a cup of tea. The mere thought of putting time into helping out is a clear indicator of love as it shows the willingness to take someone else’s burdens as your own. Acts of service is also a channel through which shear selflessness can be shown.

The aspect, words of affirmation, surely cannot be forgotten. What better way is there to let someone to know you love then better than actually saying it. It is probably the most explicit of means there is. The use of words of affirmation is mainly aimed at further strengthening the trust that the love being received in truly genuine. From time to time, it would not hurt to throw in a few appealing words for your family and friends not to tell your partner that they look rather gallant that morning. It is through these words of affirmation that people feel better about themselves as these words are an unequivocal confidence booster.

Also, quality time is one of the most outstanding ways through which love can be shown. Sitting for a conversation or sharing a meal with the ones closest to you could simply be one of the most heart-warming and smile-creating activities. Psychology has proved that when put in an environment with people with whom they are well acquainted, human beings tend to laugh a little harder and smile more; all things that form the basis of good mental well-being. Additionally, it is unmatched the amount of serotonin released within just a few minutes of friendly interactions. Within these few minutes, the amount of serotonin hormone released is able to lift one’s mood from 20% to 85%.

Finally, there is gift giving which mainly consists of collecting or purchasing different items in the need to impress another. Gift giving is a way through which one can show just how far they are willing to go to make one’s loved on feel content. On the recipient’s end, gifts make one feel special and highly appreciated in another’s life. On that note, maybe giving your special people gifts, big or small, could make them feel highly valued; it’s worth a try, don’t you think? Gift giving, to most, is the most selfless of love languages as the gifts are not asked for but rather put into thought and bought whole heartedly.

To sum it all up, love truly is something more than just a mere feeling. It is an act that has five subdivisions through which it manifests. It is essential to express love’s different branches in their right amounts because they, each, carry hefty importance. Once a balance is stricken between the five arms, the output will be the epitome of perfection and, in turn, will make the world happier and mentally healthier. So, are you being loved truly?

Mercy J. Babirye

Yr 12

(Mercy J. Babirye on the right)

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